Scenario 3 – Fading Colors in Textiles (Dresses and Metal embroideries)

The third scenario is set to face the problem of colour fading in textiles (dresses and metal embroideries). We are aware how these materials and their colours are very fragile, suffering a rapid degradation, in some cases in the turn of a decade. This is particularly true for textiles made of precious metal fibres, such as in the case of embroidery made with silver or gold. Therefore, it is highly needed to conserve and communicate these collections, being of inspiration also for the creative industries, when appropriately reconstructed. While it is clear how the scientific community and museum professionals need to better study the fading process, we need also to explore how we can digitally reconstruct their original appearance and how can we use these reconstructions in digital applications that preserve the authenticity of the original colour.

This scenario comprises four case studies from the textile objects from the V&A collections, UK, providing a mixture of materials ranging from textile fibres (silk, cotton, silk velvet), to dyes (natural and synthetic), and to metal threads used in embroideries.