As our three-year project progresses, this page will house all resulting publications and deliverables. Check back for the latest additions.

Adaptive Horizons: Navigating Museums in a Post-Pandemic World 

A. Clay, G. Grieco, D. Lanfranconi, C. G. Fedon 

Born Digital Art: Fleeting Masterpieces? 

A. Clay 

Hybrid XR collaborative and guided experiences in Cultural Heritage: Brancacci POV prototype 

S. Pescarin, I. Cerato, E. D’Annibale, B. Fanini, D. Ferdani, R. Manganelli Del Fà, A. Marasco, M. Massidda, A. Palombini, D. Ronchi 

The Scream (ca. 1910) through the Years: from Photographic Documentation to Spatio-Temporal Modelling 

I. Ciortan,  G. Trumpy, I. Sandu, H. Bjørngård 

Large room scale augmented reality in an unaltered world heritage site 

M. Olbrich, A. Zapf, C. Stiegemann, A. Pröbe 

One-to-many Reconstruction of 3D Geometry of cultural Artifacts using a synthetically trained Generative Model 

T. Pöllabauer, J. Kühn, J. Li, A. Kuijper 

Portrait2Bust: DualStyleGAN-based Portrait Image Stylization Based on Bust Sculpture Images 

S.N. Sinha, M. Weinmann 

Prototyping Care: Two Case Studies 

A. Clay, G. Trumpy, M. Weinmann, R. Wetzel 

Using Spatial Augmented Reality to Increase Perceived Translucency of Real 3D Objects 

G. Trumpy, D. Gigilashvili 

PERCEIVE Design Cultural Probe Kit Tools

Pescarin, S., Veggi, M., Bonanno, V., & Spotti, S. 


Pescarin S., Bonifazi F. 


Pescarin S., Fiorenza G., & Veggi M. 

Beyond Static Colors: An Interactive Participatory Design Perspective on Color-centric Experiences 

D. S. Martinez Pandiani, S. Pescarin 

FILM2PAINT: Transforming Photographic Documentation on Reversal Film into Paintings’ Accurate Colors  

I. Ciortan, G. Trumpy 

Understanding the darkening effect of cobalt blue paints: a multi-analytical study of early 20th century industrially produced Cobalt blue paints and their aging phenomena in paintings by Edvard Munch 

Delving into the Darkening of Ultramarine Blue in E. Munch’s Paintings: a multi-analytical study of early 20th century commercial Ultramarine blue oil paints and their aging phenomena 

Authenticity in Interactive Experience 

S. Pescarin, G. Cittá, S. Spotti 

D 1.1 – Operational plan, Progress Report and Evaluation Report 

Lead Beneficiary: CNR

D 1.2 – Data Management Plan (DMP)

Lead Beneficiary: Fraunhofer

D 1.3 – Quality Assessment Plan, Risks and IPR management 

Lead Beneficiary: NTNU

D 1.4 – Policy Briefing 

Lead Beneficiary: CNR

D 2. 1 – PERCEIVE theory 

Lead Beneficiary: CNR

D 2. 2 – Stakeholder Needs and Requirement Analysis 

Lead Beneficiary: FORTH

D 2. 3 – PERCEIVE training program 

Lead Beneficiary: NTNU

D 3.1 – PERCEIVE Dynamic Data Workflow 

SubmittedS. Pescarin et al.

D 3.2 – Material appearance models 

Lead Beneficiary: NTNU

D 3.3 – PERCEIVE acquisition protocols and data repository  

Lead Beneficiary: NTNU

D 4.1 – IBR and training data  

Lead Beneficiary: NTNU

D 4.2 – Framework for Neural Network and Training data   

Lead Beneficiary: Fraunhofer

D 5.1 – PERCEIVE PLATFORM Specification    

Lead Beneficiary: FORTH


Lead Beneficiary: Anamnesia

D 6.1 – Design and implementation of PERCEIVE Prototypes     

Lead Beneficiary: Anamnesia

D 6.2 – PERCEIVE Design ToolBox      

Lead Beneficiary: CNR

D 7.1 – Evaluation Strategy       

Lead Beneficiary: NTNU

D 7.2 – Assessment of Tools and Services and Prototypes        

Lead Beneficiary: NTNU

D 8.1 – Communication and Dissemination Strategy and Plan         

Lead Beneficiary: CNR

D 8.2 – PERCEIVE Innovation and Call Report          

Lead Beneficiary: Anamnesia

D 8.3 – PERCEIVE Publication and Catalogue of Demonstrator           

Lead Beneficiary: CNR