Scenario 5: Perceiving and Preserving colors in Born Digital Artworks

In this digital era, important artworks are created by artists directly in digital form. They are conceived to be perceived by the public “virtually” (either through AR application and through a screen, such as a smartphone), and in many cases for certain times of the day (night, day, etc.) to make use of real-world blending. This means that their appearance as 2D or 3D objects is conceived to be in combination with the physical environment in which the artworks are placed and made viewable to the public. So, through a clever combination of color pallet and transparency, animated textures, along with other changes in object scaling, translation, or mesh, these artworks take on their meaning through the dialogue between the real and the virtual, pointing out the significance and uniqueness of this new genre, and the importance of preserving such born digital artworks for posterity.

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