Privacy Policy for Perceive Horizon


Welcome to We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy policy explains how we handle your personal data when you visit our website and informs you about your privacy rights under the law.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy complies with the GDPR 2016/679 and the Guidelines on cookies and other tracking tools as of 10 June 2021. It applies solely to this website ( and not to websites that may be accessed through external links.


To ensure our site functions correctly, we use cookies. Most major websites use cookies as well.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device by websites you visit. They remember your actions and preferences over time, so you don’t have to re-enter them when you return to the site or move between pages.

Disabling Cookies

You can refuse or withdraw your consent to use cookies at any time. Cookies can be disabled directly from your browser, affecting the functionality of some site features, including:
– YouTube videos or other video sharing services;
– Google Maps;
– Social network buttons.

Data may be transferred to countries outside the EU, such as with Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other social plugins. This transfer complies with specific European Commission decisions or standard contractual clauses.

Security Measures

We process your data lawfully and fairly, implementing appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction of your data. We use SSL technology to secure data during its transmission.

Third-party Cookies

We use Matomo, an open-source web analytics service that complies with European data protection laws. Matomo cookies collect information anonymously for statistical purposes.

Matomo privacy policy

Social Networks

We utilize major social networks to communicate with our users. These services may issue cookies necessary for their functioning. Interactions with plug-ins may transfer personal data to these platforms.

Last Update

This privacy policy was last updated on 21 June 2024.